Monday, March 12, 2012

Computer and Internet

  1. Byte is a combination of Eight bits.
  2. A standard keyboard has a total of 104 keys.
  3. Combination of four bits is Nibble
  4. A Command is a kind of coded message.
  5. Word is the combination of two or more than two bytes.
  6. Binary code is a term which describes a way of counting.
  7. A, Binary digit, or bit for short is a number. It is either or.
  8. Data is a plural word which means facts or information.
  9. A Floppy disk is a part of a computer and it stores data and programs
  10. A Hard disk stores information inside some kinds of computer.
  11. Input is information which flows into a computer.
  12. A mouse is a part of Computer
  13. A random access memory (RAM) is a part of a Computer
  14. A read-only memory, or ROM for short, is a part of a Computer
  15. Software, programs and data that are used by Computers
  16. A general collection of data shared by a variety of users is Database
  17. Firmware is defined as software embedded into the hardware.
  18. A Keyboard is a part of a computer; it has rows of buttons, called keys.
  19. Logic is a set of rules which controls the way in which computers work.
  20. A Laser is a device which produces a beam of very bright and powerful light.
  21. A Byte is a number, it carries instructions or information inside computers.
  22. A Mainframe computer is the largest and most powerful kind of computer.
  23. A Megabyte is a unit of measurement which measures an amount of data or the size of the memory in a computer.
  24. A Modem is a part of computers which connects a computer to a telephone line.
  25. post-processor is a Computer which uses a special kind of program. Words are typed on a keyboard and they appear on the screen of a visual display unit.
  26. A programme which converts assembly language programme into Machine language programme.
  27. Zero and one in their endless combination constitute binary I system on which Computers are based.
  28. Bit is the basic unit of Inverters. It can have two values one and zero only.
  29. Boolean algebra was developed to deal with binary numbers. Under the binary system all ordinary Arithmetical operations are reduced to their simplest form.
  30. Compiler is a programme which translates a high-level language programme into Machine language.
  31. The term given to the machinery itself and to me various individual pieces of equipment is Hardware.
  32. A set of instructions given to the computer in a particular sequence for solving a given problem is Programme.
  33. A collection of programmes writ- ten to bring the hardware of a computer system into operation is Software.
  34. The Operating system is an organised collection of routines and procedures for operating a computer.
  35. Time Sharing is the concurrent use of a single computer system by Many independent users.
  36. A central processing (pit (CPU), is a part of a Computer, it uses a program to change data that pass through it.
  37. A Computer is an electronic machine which can solve problems very quickly.
  38. Hard copy is the information which is printed onto paper. The information usually comes from a computer or from a fax machine.A Kilobyte is a unit of measurement which measures an amount of data or the size of the memory in a computer.

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