Thursday, March 15, 2012

21st BCS Preliminary Question

16.  সবার উপরে মানুষ সত্য তাহার উপরে নাই’-কে বলেছেন? 
      রামকৃষ্ণ পরমহংস
17.  কোনটি রবীন্দ্রনাথের রচনা? 
18.  কোনটি কাব্যগ্রন্থ? 
      কাব্য পরিক্রমা
      কয়েকটি কবিতা
      বাঙলার কাব্য
19.  কোনটি নাটক? 
      কর্তায় ইচ্ছায় কর্ম
20.  আবোল- তাবোল’ কার লেখা? 
      উপেন্দ্র কিশোর রায় চৌধুরী
      দক্ষিনারঞ্জন মিত্র মজুমদার
      সুকুমার রায়
      সত্যজিৎ রায়
21.  Each question beloiu consists of a related pair of words. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
Eager : Indifferent 
      concerned : careful
      anxious : nervous
      enthusiastic: halfhearted
      devoted: dedicated
22.  Lengthen : Prolong 
      Stretch: extend
      Distance: reduce
      draw out: shorten
      reach out: cut short
23.  Delay: Retard 
      Postpone: promote
      Adjourn: start
      slow down: hold up
      defer: accelerate
24.  Submissive : Disobedient 
      Comply: conform
      Heed: acquiesce
      Observe: defy
      Obey: hearken to
25.  25 to 30 are incomplete sentences. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. 
He fantasized ........... winning the lottery. 
26.  The Parthenon is said — erected in the Age of Pericles. 
      to have become 
      to have begun
      to have been
      to have had begun
27.  He divided the money — the two children. 
      in between
28.  As they waited Rahim argued against war— 
      while his brother discusses the effects of pollution
      while his brother discussed the effects of pollution
      while his brother was discussing the effects of pollution
      while his brother had discussed the effects of pollution
29.  If we want concrete proof, we are looking for — 
      clear evidence
      building material
      a cement mixer
      something to cover a path
30.  The Olympic games were watched by - billions of people all over the world. 

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