Saturday, March 17, 2012

22nd BCS Preliminary Question

46.  He has paid the penalty …. his crimes…..five years in prision.
      for- with
      at- by
      about- at
      after- in
47.  The path …..paved, so we were able to walk through the path.
      had been
      has been
48.  In spite of my requests, he did not ……
      give in
      fall in
      get off
      give forth
49.  The children studied in a class room…… windows were never opened.
50.  Question No. 50—52 are incomplete sentences. Fill in the gaps by choosing one word from the choices given.
To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced…….
51.  We must keep our fingers…..that the weather will stay fine for the picnic tomorrow.
      cressed (crossed)
52.  They have…..their support for our case.
53.  Choose the correct meaning of the following words :
      dead end
54.  Parcel
      Piece of land
      Unobstructed view
      l Quarrel
55.  Ruminant
      Cud-chewing animal
56.  Read the following passage and answer questions 56-60.
On the face of it, telescopes and data bases sound like very different things. Telescopes sit on the top of mountains, and are pointed at the skies data bases sit on computer hard disks, humming away and going no where. Yet they have something in common; both allow astronomers to explore the universe. Modern telescopes are highly automated pieces of machinery equipped with digital sensors that produce reams of observational data. Such data can be stored, processed and distributed just like other digital information. This means it is no longer necessary for an astronomer actually to visit a telescope to make observation.
      Telescopes and data bases complement each other for the astronomer
      Telescopes and data bases are both becoming relevant for the astronomer
      Telescopes and data bases have nothing in common for the astronomer
      Telescopes and Data bases can be confusing to the astronomer
57.  “Data bases sit on computer disks, humming away" implies
      Data baes are singing instrument
      Data baes are unless and static
      Data bases make soft sound but are working away
      Data baes are things of the past
58.  Modern data base 'Produce reams of observational data"
      Data bases produce lot of information
      Data bases are packed with paper
      Data bases create information instantly
      Data basses are of limited use in storing information
59.        The contemporary astronomer needs to look at the sky from a mountain top
      The contemporary astronomer needs a telescope to explore the universe
      contemporary astronomer needs a telescope equipped with digital sensors to explore the universe
      contemporary astronomer needs a telescope equipped with digital sensors to explore the universe
60.  A good title for the passage will be —
      Telescope and exploration of the universe
      Digital telescope and exploration of the universe
      Astronomers and exploration of the universe
      Space exploration in the new millennium 

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