Sunday, March 18, 2012

25th BCS Preliminary Question

76.  We must look pleased or else he'll be……
77.  The inan died — over eating.
78.  He advised me — smoking.
      giving up
      to give up
      in giving up
      from giving up
79.  The expression 'after one's own heart' means…..
      To be in low spirit
      With complete devotion
      To one's own liking
      To be in high spirit
80.  The day of my sister's marriage is drawing (near).The braket word is a / an
81.  Which of the following sentences is the correct one ?
      My father was in hospital during six weeks in summer.
      In summer during six weeks my father was in hospital.
      My father was in a hospital during six weeks in summer
      My father was in hospital for six weeks during the summer.
82.  He intends to — in the country for two months.
83.  What are you so angry—?
84.  The parents became extremely ….. when their son had not returned by eleven, o'clock.
85.  I …… remember the holiday I spent in your home', she said.
86.  He knew it was a very ….. operation, but he was determined to carry it out.
87.  Misanthropist means —.
      One who flirts with ladies
      A person of narrow views
      A hater of mankind
      One who believe that God is in everything
88.  First language means the — language.
89.  Shaheen would never have taken the job if — what great demand it would make on his time.
      he knew
      he had been knowing
      he had known
      he was knowing
90.  She has ….. her hair a beautiful shade of brown.

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