Sunday, March 18, 2012

26th BCS Preliminary Question

61.  The proper function of the press is surely to............ the man in the street with facts.
62.  Choose the write word to fill the blank: Since his retirement, Mr. Chowdhury, who was – a teacher, has written four novels.
63.  Choose the write word to fill the blank:I should appreciate it if you could complete this work ........... Thursday.
64.  Choose the write word to fill the blank: If will be your task to make sure the – of traffic is maintained without interruption.
65.  Paediatric’ relates to the treatment of:
      Old people
66.  The word ecological is related to –
67.  The correct spelling is –
68.  A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a journey to a-
      New country
      Holy place
69.  A person who writes about his own life writes –
      A biography
      A diary
      A chronicle
      An autobiography
70.  What is the meaning of White elephant?
      An elephant of white colour
      A hoarder
      A black marketer
      A very costly and troublesome possession
71.  If we want concrete proof, we are looking for -
      Building materials
      Something to cover a path
      Clear evidence
      A cement mixer
72.  The lights have been blown – by the strong wind:
73.  As the sun -,I decided to go out.
      Has shone
      Was shining
74.  Maiden speech means-
      Late speech
      Early speech
      Final speech
      First speech
75.  Out and out means –
      Not at all
      Whole heartedly 

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