Saturday, March 10, 2012

Job Interview Questions on basic Computer Technology and Internet Part-2
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Question:  Which one is the computer’s own language?
Answer:     Low level language which is written in binary
Question: What is the meaning of URL?
Answer:   Uniform resource locator.
Question: When Microprocessor was invented?
Answer:    In 1971
Question: What is UNIX?
Answer:   Operating System
Question: What is the meaning of Fat?
Answer:    File allocation table
Question: What is Adobe Photoshop?  
Answer :   Photo Editing Software.
Question: What is Windows?
Answer :  Operating System by Microsoft
Question: What is Laptop?
Answer : Small portable computer
Question:Who invented punch card?
Answer:  Joseph Marie Jacquard
Question: What is SIMM?
Answer:   Single Inline Memory Module
Question: What is the short name of binary math?
Answer:    bit
Question: What is ROM?
Answer:    Read Only Memory.
Question: What is RAM?
Answer:    RAM= Random Access Memory
Question: Which is the  first computer in Bangladesh?
Answer:  IBM-1620 series
Question: Where the computer museum is situated?
Answer:    in USA
Question:  What does BIOS  means?
Answer:    Basic Input Output System
Question:  Which one is the brain of computer?
Answer:    Micro Processor
Question: Who is the father of modern computer?
Answer:   Charles Babbage
Question:  What is the name of first personal computer?
Answer:    Sphere 1 (according to WikiPedia)

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