Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Preposition for Advance Learner

Rule-1: ‡jvf / AvKv¶v Kiv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘after / for’’ e‡m|
            Hanker after            Hunt after          
            Run after                 Crave after/ after
            Aspire after             Greedy after/ for
            Long after/for          Ambition for

Rule-2: wbKU A‡_© Preposition ‘‘to’’ e‡m|
            Near to                  Contigent to
            Adjacent to            Close to

Rule-3: `¶ A‡_© Preposition ‘‘in’’ e‡m|
            Adept in          Proficient in
            Expert in         Deficient in (A`¶)
            Versed in         Apt in
            Excel in          e¨vwZK«g: Good at   Quick at   Ready at

Rule-4: DcKvwiZv /Dc‡hvwMZv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘to’’ e‡m|      
             Useful to               Benefinicial to
             Preferable to         Favourable to
             Necessity to          Essential to
             Suitable to             Congenial to
             Advantageous to   Conducive to
             Profitable to    

Rule-4: Dchz³ /‡hvM¨/A‡hvM¨ A‡_© Preposition ‘‘for’’ e‡m|    
            Qualified for         Fit for
            Eligible for            Suitable for
            Competent for       perfect for

Rule-4: weiZ _vKv /`z‡i _vKv/  Gwi‡q Pjv/ i¶v Kiv/ avib Kiv /gzw³cvIqv A‡_©               Preposition ‘‘from’’ e‡m
            Deter from                        Expect from                       Debar from
            Free from                          Originate from                   Aloof from
            Prohibit from                    Delete from                        Abstain from
            Refrain from                     Prevent from                      Absent from
            Hinder from                      Exchide from                     Conceal from
            Exempt from                     Escape from                       Defend from
            Emerge from                     Suffer from                        Detach from
                  Dissent from                     Distinct from                      Deviate from                   

Rule-5: ¶wZKi/weZ„òv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘to’’ e‡m|
                Hurtful to                    Injurious to
             Detrimental to            Adverse to
             Aversion to                 Prejudicial to
             Offensive to                Antipathy to 

Rule-6: fvM Kiv/eÈ Kiv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘to’’ e‡m|
       Allot to                Allocate to

Rule-7: ‡j‡M_vKv/AvUwK‡q/Rwi‡q _vKv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘to’’ e‡m|
       Cling to                  Adhere to
       Stick to                   Clue to
       Hang to                  True to
       Add to                    Fix to
       Key to

Rule-8: wbf©i Kiv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘on/upon’’ e‡m|
 Count on/upon               Depend on/upon
           Rely on/upon                 Based on/upon
           Contingent on/upon

Rule-9: ZvKv‡bv A‡_© Preposition ‘‘at’’ e‡m|

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