Monday, March 12, 2012

Grammar For BCS Test Preparation

The meaning of the word “obese” is - very fat

“Prior to” means – before

“Paediatric” relates to the treatment of – children

The word “ecological” is related to -environment

“Maiden Speech” means – first speech

“Out and Out means” – thoroughly

A “ pilgrim” is a person who undertakes a journey to a – Holy Place

“Razzmatazz” means —- a noisy exciting activity

“Salarium” is a Latin word that means —— Salary

“Bill of fare” is a —– list of dishes at restaurant.

The word “imbibe” means —- to drink

“An Ordinance” is a —- law

“Bottomline” means —– the essential point

Handsome is that handsome ————–does.

The verb of the word “shortly” is —- shorten

The noun of the word “waste” is —-wastage

“Stand Up” is – imperative sentence

“Through thick and thin” means – Under all conditions.

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