Sunday, March 11, 2012

Replacement of word

Instruction : choose the most appropriate replacement from the options given for the underlined word/words of the following sentence
1. He quickly looked   at his watch.
a) searched b) reached c) glanced d) sobbed e) raced
Ans : C – Glanced
2. When her dog died, she cried very hard for half an hour.
a) yelled b)screamed c)sobbed d) raced e)drowned
Ans: B  – Screamed
3. The waiter put mango juice into my glass.
a)filled b)poured c)reached d)threw e)tossed
Ans: B – Poured
4. The similar meaning of CHASTE is
a)Loyal b) Timid c)Curt d)Pure e)Outspoken
Ans: E – Outspoken

Appropriate Preposition:

Instructions: Choose the most appropriate preposition to fill the gaps to complete the sentences

1. He came ________  a noble family.
a)out b) from c) by d)through
Ans : B – From
2. The Buriganga is _________ the south of Dhaka city.
a) in  b) at  c) to  d)around
Ans :-  C  – To
3. I made ______  my mind to go there.
a) into   b) up   c)out   d)in
Ans: B – Up
4. He agreed ______ the proposal.
a) at b)with c)to d)for
Ans: C – To
5.You must atone ____ your sin.
a)at b) with c) to d) for
Ans : D – For

Find the correct Spellings

a ) Liuteant b) Leftenant c)Lieutenant d)Leitenant
Ans : C – Lieutenant
a) Disonance b)Dissonance c) Disconaence d) Dissonence
Ans- B – Dissonance
a) Cesation b)Cessation c)Cesassion d)Ceasation
Ans- Cessation
a) Hetrogenous b) Hetrogeneous c) Heterogeneous d) heterogenous
Ans : C – heterogeneous
a) Colleaue b) Coleague c) Cholleague d) Caleague.
Ans: Colleague

General Knowledge

OMS stands for – Open Market Sale
Main Cause of night blindness is deficiency of Vitamin – A
Which is the nearest planet to the sun – Mercury
Which one is the most abundant gas in the air -Nitrogen
The Headquarter of Asian development Bank is situated in -Manila
Name of Malaysian currency -Ringit.

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