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Special Model Test : Four

N.B. only Answers can be marked

      car : highway
      fluid ; pipe
      river : bank
      light: bulb
      None of these
      ball : string
      turntable : record
      spool : thread
      tire : wheel
      None of these
      attorney: law
      adherent: belief
      traitor: country
      None of these
      ring : jewel
      gender : goose
      stamp : seal
      kid : goat
      None of these
5.  Despite the increased attention…………. juvenile delinquency, a……… in crimes committed by juveniles has been seen.
      Given to / rise
      allotted to / dip
      spent on / decrease
      offered to / fall
      None of these
6.  To an untrained eye the horse appeared to be very…….. whereas in actuality it was ……and unmanageable.
      gentle / wild
      friendly / languid
      calm / indolent
      None of these
7.  The participants ……. working on the complex project for one hour when he suddenly …… the room.
      have / will enter
      were / entered
      are / comes
      had been / entered
      None of these
8.  The composition of the painting is so ……. and direct that it seems that it did not require much…………
      simple / thought
      beautiful / feeling
      complex / skill
      emotional / consideration
      None of these
9.  Friendship, no matter how………, has its boundaries…….. advice, when thrust insistently upon one, is rarely an act of friend ship, regardless of the advisor's intent ?
      intimate / unsolicited
      cool / contradictory
      special / desired
      None of these
10.  Select the word/phrase you think is closest in meaning to the words in capital letters
      None of these

N.B. only Answers can be marked 
      Someone who is good for nothing
      Something that cures everything
      Something very expensive / priceless
      something useless
      None of these
      None of these
      None of these
14.  In each of the following sentences there is one word missing. Your task is to identify the missing word from the given choices so that the sentences become meaningful
Currently the banking sector is one of largest job providers in Bangladesh.
      None of these
15.  He left no stones to achieve his objective.
      None of these

16.  You should avail yourself this opportunity. 
      None of these
17.  Though I care for him so much he is callous my sufferings. 
      in spite
      None of these
18.  But for your timely help,I would failed and I am forever indebted to you. 
      None of these
19.  By how much is the value of {- 10 - (-7)} greater than the value of {- 10 -f (-7)}? 
      - 20
      None of these
20.  f(x) =-1 , for all x > 0. If (a) = -1 and f(ab) = -1 then b =? 
      - 3
      None of these

N.B. only Answers can be marked 
21.  A wholesaler bought 1200 pens for Tk. 18 each. He sold 60% of the pens for Tk.30 each and remaining for Tk. 15 each. What was his average profit per pen? 
      Tk. 4
      Tk. 6
      Tk. 12
      Tk. 3
      None of these
22.  Rahim, Karim and James paid a total of Tk. 45 for their dinner at a restaurant. If Rahim paid of the total amount,Karim paid Tk. 17 and James paid the rest then what fraction of the total amount did James pay ? 
      None of these
23.  When Mr. Sen imports some raw materials he has to pay 1% import duty on the portion of the total value of the item in excess of Tk. 1000. If the amount of import duty he paid was Tk.87.50 then what was the value of the raw material that he imported? 
      Tk. 1250
      Tk. 2500 
      Tk. 2750 
      None these
24.  The charge of a room at Sheraton is 25% less than that of a room at Westin and 10% less than that of a room at Sonargaon. By what percent is the charge of a room at Westin is greater than that of Sonargacn? 
      None of these
25.  When a positive integer x is divided by a positive integer y the remainder is 9. If x = 96.12 then what is the value of y ? 
      None of these
26.  If x is an integer then which of the following must be odd? 
      2x + 2
      2x + 3
      None of these
27.  Topu earns Tk. 5.00 for every hour he works. Last week he worked for x hours. He purchased y kg of rice. Price of per kg rice is Tk. 12.00. He saved the remaining amount. Which expression below shows his savings'? 
      Tk. (5.00x -f 12.00y)
      Tk.(5.00x - 12.00y)
      Tk. 5.00 (x - y) 
      Tk. 7.00 (x - y) 
      None of these
28.  The capacity of computer memory is increasing exponentially. At the same lime increased capacity is becoming available at cheaper rate. Two years ago 1GB RAM cost Tk. 5,000. Now 4GB RAM is available at the same price. If this trend continues what capacity of RAM will you get for Tk.5,000 after 3 years time? 
      None of these
29.  A wire that weighs 24 kilo gram is cut into two pieces so that one of these two pieces weigh 16 kilogram and is 34 meters long. If the weight of each piece is proportional to its length, how long is the other piece? 
      68 meters
      1 meters
      17 meters
      34 meters
      None of these
30.  If x% of 40 is y then 10x = ? 
      None of these 

N.B. only Answers can be marked
31.  If n is a positive integer then what is the remainder when {3(8n+3)+2} is divided by 5? 
      None of these
32.  If the price of a dress is Tk.200 that includes 15% VAT, then what is the amount of VAT 
      Tk. 30.00
      Tk. 26.09
      Tk. 32.09
      Tk. 3 1 .85
      None of these
33.  A glass was filled with 10 liters of water and 0.01 liter of water evaporated every day during a 20 day period. What percent of the original amount of water evaporated during the period? 
      None of these
34.  Noman sells pens for Tk.65.00 each. This price gives him a profit of 30 percent on the costs. Wfhat will be the new retail price of each pen if he cuts his profit to 10 percent of costs? 
      Tk. 52.00
      Tk. 71.50
      Tk. 58.50
      Tk. 55.00
      None of these
35.  Babu hired a labor to clean his garden for Tk, 35.50. He was very happy with the cleaning and paid the labor bonus in addition to the original agreed Tk.35.50. If the bonus was more than 10 percent but less than 15 percent of the contract amount, then the total amount paid must have been between Tk. 
      40 & 42
      39 & 41
      38 & 40
      37 & 39
      None of these
36.  There are 200 students in a class, 76% passed in Bangla and 54% passed in English. If 10% of the students failed in both the subjects then how many of them passed in both subjects? 
      None of these
37.  Which of the following countries are all members of the G-20? 
      India- Indonesia- Italy 
      Japan- Bangladesh -Vietnam
      Japan- China- Vietnam 
      None of these
38.  OPEC is associated with the international trading of which of the following commodities? 
      Energy and Gas 
      None of these
39.  The name of the first central bank of the world is - 
      Sanshi Bank
      Bank of England
      Bank of Venice
      Bank of France
      None of these
40.  ……….. is the second highest export earning product of Bangladesh. 
      Leather goods 
      Ready Made Garments
      None of these

N.B. only Answers can be marked 
41.  TIFA means - 
      Trade for International Free Area 
      Trade and Investment Framework Agreement 
      Treaty for International Free Area 
      Trade and Investment From America 
      None of these
42.  Call money rate means - 
      Interbank short term borrowing rate
      The loan rate issued during the Eid
      Long term borrowing rate by banks
      Credit rate without guarantee. 
      None of these.
43.  Circuit breaker in a stock exchange works as - 
      A medium to spilt stocks
      An obstacle to excessive change in share price.
      A policy for broker houses
      A constrain to issue bonus shares.
      None of these.
44.  In which year was Grameen Bank established? 
      None of these
45.  Which of the following is not a function of the Central Bank? 
      To help manage the exchange rate when necessary.
      Implementing government's monetary policy
      Preparation and Implementation of national budget.
      Management of public debt 
      None of these

46.  What is Hieroglyphics? 
      Advance technology of graphic design used especially for printing currency and stamps.
      The study of marine flora and faunad.
      The latest technology for clearing checks in the banking system.
      An ancient Egyptian writing style with pictures. 
      None of these 

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