Thursday, March 08, 2012

Special Model Test: Three

1.  Salman completed …………the report on the share market last Monday.
      have written
      having written
      None of these
2.  You will soon get used ...... in such an environment.
      to work
      to working
      None of these
3.  The wall of the palace ...... nearly hundred years ago.
      was built
      was building
      was build
      None of these
4.  I would have purchased that piece of land if I ………..enough money
      had had
      have had
      will have
      None of these
5.  Mr. Rehrnan behaves as if he ……….everything.
      have known
      None of these
6.  Questions 6 to 10: Appropriate English Usage Instruction: Below are five questions, Choose the appropriate and usual answers to the questions in a typical day to day conversation,
How long did you play last night?
      For three hours
      Chess 3 times
      11 pm
      With Bob
      None of these.
7.  What type of pizzas do you Iike'}
      Yes. I like pizzas
      Pizza Hut
      Spicy ones
      With cheese
      None of these
8.  How often do you watch television'?
      One hour
      Only dramas
      With my family
      None of these
9.  When did you take your medicine?
      Since 2 pm
      For two hours 
      Every day
      An hour ago
      None of these
10.  Where do you usually take your breakfast?
      Egg and Rice
      With Jane
      My plate
      In the canteen
      None of these
11.  Questions 11 to 15: Substitution of correct words Instruction: Select the word/phrase that can be substituted in place of the underlined word/phrase each of the sentences to keep the meaning unchanged.
According to the rules and regulation of the organization, there is no (hindrance) to his succeeding to the chairmanship.
      None of these
12.  The supply of food and beverage for the program was (abundant).
      None of these
13.  Mr. Arman was (instigated) bv his colleagues to speak against the director in the meeting.
      None of these
14.  I was in two minds about what I should do.
      None of these
15.  The Khondokars are proud of their blue blood.
      None of these

16.  The passage is……narrow, ……….a lean man like Raihan can't get through, 
      so / even
      too / to
      too / that 
      too / so that 
      None of these
17.  ………..the commodities reached the market…………the customers began to crowd. 
      As soon /as 
      No sooner had / then
      No sooner / than
      No sooner/had than
      None of these
18.  When Sagor………me, I …. cartoon on TV. 
      Calls / was watching
      called / was watching
      Have called / was watching
      called / watch
      None of these
19.  There have been short periods in which the share market has………. drastically, although the market has experienced strong …… the last couple of years. 
      Extension / stabilized 
      fallen / growth
      expansion / stagnated 
      augmentation / steadied
      None of these
20.  The prices of the commodities ……during the fuel crisis but the producers incurred…….in profits. 
      Increased / a downfall
      shot up / an expansion
      Stabilized / a boon 
      Fluctuated / a deprivation
      none of these
21.  Questions 21 to 25: Correct Spelling Instruction: Choose the correctly spelled word from the given options,
      None of these
22.        Career
      None of these
23.        Ricognition
      None of these
24.        Versatile
      None of these
25.        Salient
      None of these
26.  50% of the people in an area read Ittefaq and 60% of the people in that area read Prothom Alo. 20%: people read both the newspapers. What percent of people do not read any of the newspapers? 
      None of these
27.  A 240 meter long train crosses a pole in a platform in 8 seconds. Determine the speed of the train in km/hr. 
      None of these
28.  If 6 workers can complete 9 identical jobs in 3 days, how long (in days) will it take 4 workers to Complete 10 such jobs? 
      None of these
29.  A form sorting machine can son 12 forms in 10 minutes. How many forms can it sort in one and half hours at this rate? 
      None of these
30.  The average of 100 observations in a study was calculated as 49.7, Later it was revealed that one of tlr1 observations was misread as 64 instead of 94, What will be the correct average? 
      None of these

32.  Which of the following fractions is smaller than 8/9 and greater than 2/5? 
      None of these
33.  Six years from now the combined age of father and son will be 54. If currently, son younger than his father then what is the present age of the father? 
      None of these
34.  A watermelon is divided into 18 equal pieces. If Naz takes 1/3 of the watermelon and Sarah takes of the rest that are left, how many pieces are still left? 
      1 0
      None of these
35.  The ratio between the length and breadth of a field is 7:5. The perimeter of the field is 360 meter, what is the area of the field? 
      31000 sq. meter 
      3 1 500 sq. meter
      7875 sq. meter 
      8775 sq. meter
      None of these
36.  Roman covers 17 kilometer in 5 hours. How much time does he need to cover 10.2 kilometer? 
      2.5 Hrs 
      3.4 Mrs 
      3.5 Hrs
      3 Hrs
      None of these
37.  Arif incurred a loss of 25% by selling a used mobile phone set at taka 1500. How much could he gain/lose by selling that at 2200 taka ? 
      10% loss 
      20% gain 
      10% gain 
      20% loss 
      None of these
38.  Rumi and Rony can finish a task, working together, in 12 days. If Rony alone can finish that in 20 days how many days will Rumi need to finish the task working alone? 
      None of these
39.  If you add up the digits of a three-digit number you get 18. The ten's digit is twice the hundred's digit and the hundred digit’s is 1/3 the unit’s digit . What is the number? 
      None of these
40.  If a, b, and c are consecutive integers and a       (a+b+c) is odd
      .(b-c) = 1
      ABC/3 is an integer.
      None of these
41.  What does DCCI stand for?
      (A) Dhaka Construction Companies Institute
      (B) Dhaka Center for Cultural Integration
      (C) Double Coated Cyanide Insulator
      (D) Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industries
      None of these
42.  Windows Vista is -
      an Operating system of Google
      a Software runs with MS office
      a Software runs with Windows Explorer
      an Operating system of Microsoft
      None of these
43.  Dr. Atiur Rahman is the…….governor of Bangladesh Bank
      None of these
44.  Bangladesh has exported ship for the first time to which of the following countries?
      the USA
      Sierra Leon
      None of these
45.  In which country is the next Olympic games going to be held?
      None of these 


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