Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to Write an Amplification

How to Write an Amplification

Some useful tips to help you all in the process of amplifying a saying:
1. Decide on the meaning of the saying, significance and implications of the same.
2. Write down the important points you should include in the paragraph and the order in which they should be presented.
3. Think of examples or illustrations you have to include in your paragraph in order to support the main points.
4. Then start writing-- use simple language and precise words. You donot have much space. Usually the length SHOULDNOT exceeds fifteen sentences.
5. Avoid beginning paragraph with sentences such as: This statement means.... The meaning of this saying is... This is well-known paragraph.... Etc
6. Revise what you have written correcting errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.

Now study the following example:

---A stitch in time saves nine---

Main points to be noted:
1. Importance of doing one's work at the right time.
2. Time is precious.
3. If damage is not repaired in time, it may cause great loss.
4. A lesson for all of us.

When an article of clothing gets torn, if it is mended without delay, there will not be further damage and loss. If the mending is postponed, the tear will become larger and we may have to put more stitches to mend later, we may not be able to mend it at all. The dress may become useless. What is true of a piece of cloth is true of several situations in life. To illustrate the point; when we get symptoms of a dreaded disease, we should go to a doctor immediately. If we delay consulting a doctor, the disease may become acute and then either we have to spend too much money, suffer acute pain or reconcile ourselves to an impending doom. Time waits for no one. Therefore, our aim in life should be-- strike the iron while it is hot, or ''make hay while the sun shines''.