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How to Write an Amplification

How to Write an Amplification

English plays the most important role to be a bcs cadre as it is seen most of the time that those who have a good command over english they always get priority in every sphere of life especially in competitive exam. like bcs where most of the brilliant student appear at on a regular year basis to get the best outcome of life.

Amplification is one of the arts of english that how wisely and decently one elaborates the idea rather using difficult words and complex sentences. In this geard one has to read out different articles,magazines and newspapers from any source especially from the the daily star and the independent that will be very much helpful to be introduced with many words,ideas and mostly innovation power will be radically increased if somene practises it only one month.

I am not still a successful candidate like Momen bhi and 29 th was my first bcs where i only got three months to take preparation for my written test. In the last two years i am just reading reading and reading english especially the english news papers and before that i was very much weak in english. My experience says that a bcs cadidate can write a good amplification by using english in different patterns that makes anyone exceptional from thousands of students.

The factors writing for a standard amplification include:
1) sound language
2) arts of using words
3)good hand writing
4)free of spelling mistake.
5) relevant discussion.
6) relevant quotation mentioning the name of the autror

Reading materials:
1)the daily star
2)the indepedent
3)the daily sun

An example:

Self help is the best help

This is a very common saying in our society that upholds the importance of evaluation of one’s deed. We live in the very complex world where every one has to struggle for life. Life is nothing but the challenges coming one after another. Dangers and difficulties are step by step to decelerate the motion of life. But if one is emancipated and charged with enormous potentialities, insha-Allah overcoming challenges one could reach to one’s expected goal. Sometimes, it seems to us that we are walking along a densely forest, many unknown dangers on the way to barred the motion of us. Becoming iron-determined one can overcome irregularities coming on the way. Self-dependency makes one competent and skill and he comes out with outstanding success showing his excellence in all sphere of life. On the other hand, dependency on others makes one lack in competence, skill and potentiality. As a whole he lives in the society as like as a parasite. He feels lack of confidence in him. As a result he could not take any decision to run his life rather he borrows suggestions from others. Primarily it effects well but in the long run he could not find any one beside him to have assistance time to time. But it is imperative for one to be dependent on him. Because it is permanent and very much fundamental that develops one’s mind to face with the emergencies. Taking decision faced with the practical problems one can be complete and enriched and even knowledgeable that will help him to face the crucial situation of life. In a word, the importance of self help can’t be expressed in words. On the contrary, dependency on others makes one lazy, incomplete and in-experienced that in furthermore future he will lose confidence of doing any kind of silly work. That’s why it is rightly said that “Self help is the best help”.

Some useful tips to help you all in the process of amplifying a saying:
1. Decide on the meaning of the saying, significance and implications of the same.
2. Write down the important points you should include in the paragraph and the order in which they should be presented.
3. Think of examples or illustrations you have to include in your paragraph in order to support the main points.
4. Then start writing-- use simple language and precise words. You donot have much space. Usually the length SHOULDNOT exceeds fifteen sentences.
5. Avoid beginning paragraph with sentences such as: This statement means.... The meaning of this saying is... This is well-known paragraph.... Etc
6. Revise what you have written correcting errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.

Now study the following example:

---A stitch in time saves nine---

Main points to be noted:
1. Importance of doing one's work at the right time.
2. Time is precious.
3. If damage is not repaired in time, it may cause great loss.
4. A lesson for all of us.

When an article of clothing gets torn, if it is mended without delay, there will not be further damage and loss. If the mending is postponed, the tear will become larger and we may have to put more stitches to mend later, we may not be able to mend it at all. The dress may become useless. What is true of a piece of cloth is true of several situations in life. To illustrate the point; when we get symptoms of a dreaded disease, we should go to a doctor immediately. If we delay consulting a doctor, the disease may become acute and then either we have to spend too much money, suffer acute pain or reconcile ourselves to an impending doom. Time waits for no one. Therefore, our aim in life should be-- strike the iron while it is hot, or ''make hay while the sun shines''.